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We design, blueprint, and code  apps to any mobile platform including Apple, Android, Windows, Facebook, Blackberry, and more. We're affordable at usually 1/3rd the cost of our competition.


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Let Us Help You Protect Your Idea

Our in-house design team handles all the technical writing and illustrations necessary to help protect your app idea before you code to market. .– Learn more...

How Much Does An App Cost? That depends on a series of important questions. Would you ask a home builder how much it costs to build a house without telling him what you want?

It's the very same with building software. Our development process begins with the discovery phase.

App Idea Evaluation

Building a unique and addictive  app  is about ensuring you focus on the right things from day one. We’ll work with you to define a minimum viable product, establish feasibility and secure the product positioning. This is where we ask a series of specific questions to help you zero in on your app's purpose and what you’re trying to create.  Our Rapid Evaluation process helps us reduce product assumptions and make data-driven decisions on the best features for your app.

That's why we break up development into three important phases. To learn more, contact us today.

Streamlined Project Management For Your App

  • Monitor Our Progress 24/7 From A Secure Login We Give You

    Never Wonder What’s Going On With Your Project –  Simply login to our private server we give you to monitor, and more importantly, approve the work we design for you. You can login from any desktop, tablet, or even utilize our smartphone app to monitor progress.

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property Early

    Need To Protect Your Idea Early?  That’s Exactly Why We Begin On Your Technical Writing and Illustrations So You Can Protect Your Idea Early With A Provisional Patent Or Trademark.

  • Beautiful UX Design

    We believe in producing clean and simple applications. products. Our user-centric design approach is tested with weekly usability testing, A/B Split testing and experienced front end designers working closely with our development team.

Intelligent Design For Intelligent Ideas

  • Development

    Archangel has an extensive development team using the best in practices procedure. We are solution based with an Agile development process. Frequent changes occur throughout the product development lifecycle and being nimble is paramount to success.

  • Analytical Drivent - Trust The Data

    We test everything. Throughout the process we focus on implementing data-driven decisions into your product. From tracking retention, conversion, virality, and constant optimization improves your revenue model long term.  Our product managers are experienced with A/B split testing, lifetime customer value,  and usability testing to create a sound solution that speaks directly to your prospect’s exact needs before it ever launches to the app store.

  • App Marketing

    Once your app is built, the work doesn’t stop there. Marketing your app and getting it in front of the proper demographic is the exciting part. We’ll work with you to provide data insights into improving your product and can provide access to targeted user retention data. We leverage all of the marketing pillars to ensure your success. Whether it’s digital media buying, Content Marketing, Paid Search Marketing or Conversion rate optimization, we work tirelessly to scale compelling products.

App Store Optimization

It's not enough just to build your app anymore. You have to optimize your app with the proper name, keywords, and app store category for proper growth hacking. Targeted leverage of the app store audience can lead to a substantial change in downloads for your app. We Know How To Do This.  Do You?

Why Work With Us?

We Receive Hundreds Of Ideas A Day, But Only Take On 200 Each Month...

Demand for the app store is high. You may have a great idea, but is it feasible? Find out if it is by submitting your idea for a free, no obligation project review.

How Do I Know You Won't Steal My Idea?  

We only make apps for clients. We do very well with this business model. We send out our confidentiality agreement via email to every new prospects.  It is pre-signed on our end and states you own 100% of your idea, and anything unique about your idea we cannot disclose to outside parties.

We Do More So You Can Pay Less 

How many firms only take on under 80 projects a month or less? We do closer to 160 to 200 new projects every month, which means a higher volume of projects, and a smaller coding quote for you.

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